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Simply Cricket Great White Cricket Bat


The Simply Cricket Great White cricket bat has the following features;

  • Made from top 6% of Grade 1 English Willow
  • Minimum of 6 straight grains
  • Beautiful balance and pickup
  • Huge profile
  • Ping Tested 15 times
  • Knocked in and ready to use!

The Great White represents many aspects of its is BIG, POWERFUL, EXPLOSIVE and yet still elegant & graceful making this bat an absolute beauty. With each bat being skillfully handcrafted to perfection from the top 6% of Grade One English Willow, this bat will be striking fear into the opposition players.

The Great White features thick edges, large sweet spot and most importantly a beautifully balanced pick up. Each bat undertakes a rigorous process of shaping, splicing, pressing, sanding, handling and polishing to ensure each of these master pieces are finished to perfection. If that is not enough each bat is ping Tested at 15 separate stages during its creation so you can guarantee that this bat will send the ball flying to the boundary in a flash.

The Striking Great White Decals ensure this bat has the beautiful look to match its sensational performance.

To top it off each bat receives knocking in and an applied anti-scuff sheet to pre prepare it for use.

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