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General Information

Gift Certificates are available under the 'Accessories/Other' category for selected values. During the checkout part of the ordering process, we request that you provide the following information as 'special instructions':

- Name to

- Name from

(we can leave any of these fields blank if requested)

Once we have this information we will prepare a Gift Certificate and send through to the email address listed on the purchaser's Cricket Gear Direct login. This gift certificate will have a special code which the recipient must enter as a coupon during the checkout process to receive the credit on their purchase.

Instructions on how to redeem the gift certificate will be detailed on the certificate.



  • Valid for a period of 365 days from the date of purchase (no exceptions).
  • Maximum of 1 gift certificate can be used in each checkout.
  • Gift certificate cannot be applied to offset shipping costs therefore a minimum shipping charge may be payable.
  • Gift certificate is not redeemable for cash.
  • Gift certificate special code can only be entered once.
  • Gift certificate should be treated in the same manner as cash and therefore if lost and used be someone else, we are unable to provide the certificate credit to the recipient also.
  • If the full value of any gift certificate is unused during any particular checkout, the recipient may email us and request that the balance be converted into a new gift certificate code for future use however the following conditions apply;

- Original expiration date remains

- The converted gift certificate value is reduced by $10 to cover the cost of conversion / re-issue.

- Minimum remaining certificate value that can be converted is $20 (i.e. $20 less $10 conversion fee = $10 new certificate value).

If you have any questions in relation to gift certificates, please email us prior to purchase.

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