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About Cricket Gear Direct

Cricket Gear Direct is an online cricket store based in Perth, Western Australia.

The business was founded in January 2014 on the idea of stocking overseas brands. After personally purchasing cricket gear from overseas brands for a few years, Cricket Gear Direct's founder (Clint O'Neill) thought it would be great for others to have access to brands that are not widely known or used by Australian cricketers.

Many of us believe that these brands are inferior to those that we have been familiar with since our school cricket days, however some of these have been around for many years and have stood the test of time. Little do people know that over 80% of cricket bats are actually made in India. Many of these brands are used by various international players from India, Sri Lanka, West Indies and more.

We specialise in and stock the following overseas brands;

Not only do Australian cricketers now have access to these overseas brands through Cricket Gear Direct, but they are sold by an Australian retailer, meaning they have piece of mind in their purchase.

We also support the following local Australian brands;

Cricket Gear Direct exists to provide cricketers great value in all their cricket gear needs while accessing brands from all over the globe.


About the Founder

Clint O'Neill is the founder of Cricket Gear Direct.

He is originally from Geraldton (approximately 4 hours drive north of Perth) where he played at Towns Cricket Club until moving to Perth in January 2001. 

After moving to Perth, he joined Shenton Park Cricket Club (Western Australian Suburban Turf Cricket Association - WASTCA). In 2006, Shenton Park Cricket Club merged with Claremont Nedlands Cricket Club to form what is currently known as Western Suburbs Cricket Club where Clint plays in their 1st and 2nd XI sides.

Clint has also played indoor cricket for over 10 years at Courtside Indoor Sports Centre in Canning Vale then Revolution Sports in Shenton Park. Three of these years involved playing 2nd division Superleague for the Revolution Sports Sharks.

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