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Shrey Helmet (Fielder) - WSCC


**This "Club Store" closes on 31st August 2016**

Your club has arranged for member's to order customised Shrey Fielder's helmets through this "Club Store".

Most cricket helmets have club logos embroidered, however we are offering sublimation which is a modern method of applying pictures/font to material. This ensures maximum durability and makes it look the part! Here is a Shrey sublimated helmet review by It's Just Cricket in the UK.

Benefits of purchasing through our "Club Store" arrangement include;

  • You will save 10% on the base helmet cost compared to purchasing as an individual
  • Sublimation of club logo is included at our cost price ($16.50)
  • Air freight is offered as an optional extra, at our cost price ($27.50)
  • Helmets will be delivered to your club's nomination location once received into our warehouse

For more information on this helmet variant, click on the link below;

    Options Available

    Visor Type

    • Stainless Steel


    • Small Men's (54-57 cm)
    • Standard (58-61 cm)
    • Extra Large (60-63 cm)

    Delivery Speed

    • Air Freight (estimated 30-45 days from closing date)
    • Sea Freight (estimated 90-120 days from closing date)

    Additional Notes

    • We recommend that the 'Air Freight' option is selected for an additional $27.50 as this will ensure faster delivery, maximising your use this season. If 'Sea Freight' is selected, we will contact you to confirm that was your intention.
    • It is our preference that payment is made using Visa/Mastercard or direct bank deposit rather than Paypal. You are already protected by virtue of the arrangement between us and your club! This will ensure we are able to continue offering discounts on "Club Store" items.
    • If "Product Unavailable" pops up during selection of helmet options, this is because that combination does not exist. Adjust the options until a combination becomes available.
    • The club logo used will be as provided by your club and may differ slightly to the product images displayed.
    • A minimum order of 5 helmets is required by each club to ensure we can access sublimation design & discounted air freight pricing. Cricket Gear Direct reserves the right to cancel all orders if the minimum club purchase quantity is not reached by the cut off date. If this occurs, it is the decision of the club's ordering members if they'd prefer to pay extra for freight or alternatively receive a full refund.
    • If you prefer to purchase a helmet without logo, please follow the links above directly to our standard stock listings.


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