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Sommers Insider Indoor Bat

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The Sommers Insider Indoor Bat is made of the highest quality Poplar willow and is pressed to perfection. Each bat is significantly lighter than your normal cricket bat (weights between 2lb 2oz - 2lb 5oz) allowing you to generate increased bat speed, so you can smoke it to the back net!

Not only are they light-weight, they have massive edges and have a full profile back ensuring maximum power transfer from your shots.

Sommers indoor cricket bats are used by many state and elite indoor cricketers all around Australia. Cricket Gear Direct is one of the only retailers who stock Sommers in WA. Eastern States indoor cricketers can't all be wrong, Sommers are the real deal when it comes to indoor cricket!

Note: Poplar willow is softer than English Willow, which gives its light-weight characteristic. As a result, there may be slight markings/indentations on the bat. These markings/indentations do not affect the performance of the bat and are just cosmetic.


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